Small Theatre of Movement
Small Theatre of Movement

Small Theatre of Movement

The innovative offer for the youngest, assuming the artistic work with children in the age of 5–10, based on dance, movement and theater. The main aim of the project are: introducing children to the world of performing art, familiarizing them with the secrets of stage work and creative development.

The educational program of the Small Theatre of Movement involves the development of skills in various dance techniques, eurhythmics and artistic expression. During the lessons children develop body awareness, spatial imagination, plasticity and expression in motion. Classes stimulate children's curiosity to explore their movement abilities and encourage them to first artistic pursuits.

The basic method of work at the Small Theatre of Movement is the pedagogy of play. The aim is to provide a variety of ideas, enabling conscious, creative work with the participants of the group, leading to creative solutions.
The specificity of these activities lies in the diversity of proposals, a large mobilization of children and setting their emotional activity. During the lessons children dance, sing, talk, discuss - in a word – have a great fun!

Children work in stable groups (5-7 and 8-10 years old), regularly twice a week. In the end of the year they prepare the stage show together with their teacher.

Monthly pass for classes: 100 zł (Promotion! One semester 450 zł)

Classes are moving at 3rd September (At 3rd and 7th September there are free opened lessons) and take place in Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, al. Jana Pawła II 232, Krakow.


Classes are conducted by Anna Chmiel–Kowalska

Attention! At the 19th September there will be free lessons of contemporary dance with Around Center Group as part of Kombinat of the Culture in Nowa Huta Cultural Centre! More info HERE We invite you all!